About Us


Empty Nest New York was created to help meet the specific needs of current homeowners who, like many before them, have come to the conclusion that change is good. The causes for this can be many. From financial to a lack of space or just plain boredom. Whatever the reason, we want the results to be the same: rejuvenation through relocation. Now that your nest is empty, we want to help you rekindle the delight that you felt when you purchased your first home. This is your time. You’ve earned it. We help you answer the “How” by providing you with the “what”. With a vertically organized team of professionals, we insure a seamless transition to your next chapter. And with a tailored approach, we provide you with the resources to get you there.

Your Life’s Next Chapter. Write it Here.

Empty Nest New York
A Concierge Service for Life’s Next Chapter
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